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Smudge Kit - Sage, Palo Santo, Abalone Shell, Feather


Brand JL Local
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Brand: JL Local


  • ✔ 3 high quality smudging kits by a caring small family business - JL Local
  • ✔ MEDIUM kit - 2 Sage bundles, 3 medium - large Palo Santo sticks, 1 Turkey Feather & Instructions -> Plenty of the essentials!
  • ✔ LARGE kit - 1 Sage bundle, 1 medium - large Palo Santo stick, 1 Abalone Shell, 1 Turkey Feather & Instructions - > Your complete kit!
  • ✔ XL kit - 2 Sage bundles, 3 medium - large Palo Santo sticks, 1 Abalone Shell, 1 Stand, 1 Turkey Feather, Instructions & a Free Gift!! - > Everything you want and more!
  • ✔ Relax, purify, heal, meditate, use as incense - these kits were made for you!

Publisher: JL Local


Refresh & Purify.  Inspire Creativity.  Real power to Heal & Protect.
Everything you need & more!

  • Sage is one of the most important Native American ceremonial plants, used by many tribes as an incense and purifying herb.  Used to drive out evil influences and ward off bad luck, Sage is burned as a spiritual cleanser before many traditional ceremonies. 

  • Palo Santo was and is primarily used by Shaman all across South America.  This Holy Wood is used to purify, heal, inspire creativity and protect your spirit from negativity. Palo Santo can even fight off depression, a common cold, asthma, anxiety and headaches.

  • Kokopelli’s flute is said to be heard in the spring’s breeze, while bringing warmth.  He is considered a symbol of fertility who brought well-being to people, assuring success in hunting, planting and growing crops, and human conception.

Together, these sacred items make a complete kit perfect for anyone looking to embrace their spirituality, purify, protect or just peacefully relax.