What does it mean to Dream with a House?

What does it mean to dream about your house?

Dreams are a reflection of who you are, how you feel and how you think at the particular moment. It can be confusing interpreting a dream, especially if you try to interpret it literally. Dreams are never to be taken literally, because they speak to us in symbols. One of the most common symbols in our dream is a house and it has a much deeper meaning than you might think at first. When dreaming about your house, it is not really about the house itself, but about you. It is a symbolical representation of your being in a physical reality. Because you take your house to be your home, it is more than just a physical place to live. You subconsciously recognize your home as definition of your own personality, with all your emotions, feelings, thoughts, beliefs and spirituality. Because of it, the house will be a symbolicalrepresentation of yourself in your dreams. When you have a dream where story is placed around your house, you can be sure it is a dream which very closely describe what is going on within you at the present moment.

Dreams are connected to what is currently going on within you.

All dreams are always a reflection of a present moment, even though you might sometimes dream about events or people from your past. They are like mirror of who you are, and if we chose to look into them, we can find a lot about ourselves. Most of the time, we do not pay attention to how we really feel. We just go by, living our lives and often neglecting our true senses and feelings. However, that will never stay hidden from our dreams and whatever that is going on within us; it will always be shown in our dreams. I remember when I had a dream i which I was looking at my own house and I saw a huge opening in the wall, and all the bricks were lying around. I felt afraid that someone broke into my house, but then I saw that new bricks were brought in by someone and the repair took a place. When I woke up, I was alarmed and I was pushed to look into this dream, knowing already that this is about me. The walls of the house represented my firm belief system or the construct of who I felt I was, so when I had this dream it was in the moment when I felt a lot of confusion and many of my beliefs were shattered and already changed. The dream was just a reflection of what was happening to me.

Every part of the house represents a part of yourself.

The symbolism of the house in a dream can be very complex. Every part of the house symbolizes a deeper aspect of yourself. Every part can be interpreted symbolically. For example, an entrance door in a dream may represent a part of yourself which allows the connection between you and the outside world. If you dream for example, that the doors are locked and you are inside of your house, it could suggest that you have an emotionalbarrier to connect to the opportunities which are laid upon you in your environment. In the same way, windows symbolicallyrepresent the way you perceive the outside world. Your perception is based upon your belief system which can be changed from within yourself. Every change within you is usually shown in a dream as well, since these are milestones our sub consciousness will never fail to notice.  In one of such dreams, I was cleaning my bedroom window which was so dirty that it was impossible to look outside. Obliviously, my perception to see the outside world was somehow blocked or was false. But in a dream when I cleaned the window and looked outside, I saw my neighborhood completely changed. Itwas a clear message that I changed the way I perceived the world and now I could see things that I wasn´t aware of,accepting new opportunities or looking from a different point of view.

Every room in the house has a symbolicalmeaning.

As for doors and windows, the same goes literally for everything in the house. Every room is almost like a different compartmentwithin you, which is responsible for different actions. Abathroom is a place where you wash yourself, so in a dream it can represent a part of you responsible for any kind of a need to clean emotional, physical or spiritual garbage. A kitchen is a place where food is being prepared or stored, but in a dream a kitchen may symbolically represent a part of you responsible for how you deal with emotions (take in emotional energy) and you process it. If you had those dreams in which you eat a lot of sweets that was just a symbolical message that you felt that your emotional needs need to be fulfilled. If you dream about your bedroom, this could represent a part of yourself which needs to rest. This model of symbolism can be used to decipher anything in your dream, not only a house.

Ok, so how to interpret your dream

There are two parts of a dream language. The first is the symbolism of every archetype you get in your dream, and the other is your emotional response to it. So what you want to try to do is to write down your dream, but remember to pay attention to your own emotional reaction. This is usually we all neglect and we all focus on the story itself. So write all the details you can remember and to each detail or action, write down your emotional reaction. What was it like to be in the house? What was it like to eat too much food? What was it like to take a shower? What was is like to climb the stairs? Did you feelrefreshing, confused, afraid, happy, dull, like you are expecting something, etc. Then try to give a symbolical meaning to each object. Don´t thing about it too much, just write what first comes to your mind. Like for example, stairs are to climb but also to move up the professional ladder. Maybe you felt afraid while doing so. This would be a message that you might have a fear of a success in your own life. Interpreting a dream may be difficult at the beginning, but if you are really interested to do so, it will get easier in time. Don´t give up!




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