How to keep your house Tidy always!

Keeping a tidy house helps maintain a clear mind?


It was never my thing to keep my house in order at all times.  I would clean it only when everything was already cluttering all the space and then I would spend a lot of time to put all the things back in their place. It was always rewarding afterwards and seeing my house in order always made me so much better. But soon, my kitchen top and dinning table would be filled with dishes again and clothes would be left anywhere, not to mention all other unusful stuff which would cover every free spot. Then one day, I finally decided to get into a mission to figure out how to make my house clean and enjoyable at all times. This was a process I didn´t know that would last for years, but I did gradually change the way I function within the house. This is not an easy task, but for you who would like to make a difference here are some encouragment and easy tips on how to start and get going.  

Start with one room only.

Cleaning floors and windows, vacuming and dusting, putting things back to its place, making bed, etc. so many chores to make your house clean. Keeping all the rooms tidy all the time may seem like a big job. Who can do it for the whole house all the time? Well, there is a secret. If you don´t have a habit to do it, then start with just one room, making sure it is always in order. In my case, I started with my bedroom. I always kept it tidy, and I admit it was somewhat difficult in the beginning. For example, I hated making bed right in the morning when I was still sleepy and grumpy, but gradually I got used to it and now I don´t even think about it, I just do it.It took me a couple of months to make this a regular thing, there were times when I just didn´t clean my room, but seeing mess started going on my nerves so then I started doing it again. When keeping my room orderly became a regural thing,  one day I just started doing the same for the kitchen. And then for the bathroom. And then for the rest of the house.Eventually, keeping things tidy and orginized became my regular thing.  For some reason when you start small, the need to keep things clean becomes a habit which then starts to spread. You start doing it automatically.  You do it as you go by and you don´t think about it.

Put things back on their place, right away.

I used to leave things just anywhere, not returning them to their place.  Somehow, I would unconsciously assumed that I would put scissors back later, because at that particularmoment I would be too preocupied with other thoughts. But this is who I was. I was always somewhere else in my mindand not in the present moment. I was always preocupied with what will I do next, and never focused on finishing what I started. Once I became aware of this, I started to practice finishing stuff and always returning things back to their place. This also needed a lot of time, but eventually it became a habit.

Some chores are to be done right away, orthere will be a mess all the time.

Just like leaving things back to their place, I accepted the fact that there is always going to be a mess in the kitchen if I leave the cleaning for the later. So instead, I make sure to clean the table right away after the meal and put all dirty dishes in the washing mashine, and I sweep the floor if I have to. I make sure I put all the dirty clothes into the laundry bin and I fold clothes right away when they get dry. That is almost half the job to make your house tidy. The thing is, those jobs are boring and we tend to leave them for later, unconsciously thinking that later we will be in a mood to do it. However, if you train yourself to do it right away, then you will leave no space to think about your moods. Of course, if you are just too tired at the moment, it is alright to take a rest and do chores later.

Declutter your home from unuseful things

For years, I kept unuseful things in small boxes on my shelves, in drawers, in other boxes which I kept in closet, orin smaller boxes which I kept in larger boxes. Not to mention a pile of things just sitting anywhere I could find a free spot. There were buttons, broken pieces, pins, coins, old keys, parts of my kid´s toys, stickers, pens, pieces of puzzles, cords, you name it. Since I am a crafty person and I like to make stuff from old things, I always thought that these would be useful some day, but guess what – that just never happend. These were all just sitting there for years! So one day, I decided to throw it all away and I never even thought of those again. I completely forgot what I threw. That was the proof I never needed those things in the first place. If it does not have a regular purpose, just get rid of it! The chances are, you will never use it, ever. However, if you are not sure, just start with something you definately know you will not use. You will be surprised how much garbage was just sitting there, cluttering your home. The same goes with your clothes, shoes, cosmetics, whatever there is sitting there for years and cluttering your space. It just makes a mess.

Make your cleaning habits a spiritual practice

To be hones, I never imagined that becoming a tidy person is acctually going to be a huge part of my spiritual journey. This was not only about changing the habits, but changing myself as well. As I have been on a spiritual journey for a long time, I came to the point when I really didn´t know if my inner transformation lead to becoming more organized and tidy, or if it was the other way around. I guess the one thing lead to another so, becoming tidy was a result. I must admit it wasn´t easy at all. The more I cleaned, the more I felt like the cleaning will never end and I felt frustrated at times. I came up with different strategies to make this work. I had to make an effort to start paying attention to how I function within the house. The connection between my mind and how I reflect that on my house suddenly became oblivious, and now that I look back on how it really started, I can tell you that I was a person whose mind was in a mess too. I feel so much peace and order within my mind right now, but I still have more things to do. I strongly believe that being tidy helps you to put your thoughts in order. It helps you to train yourself how to think and how to be more efficient in your life. Focusing and being present in the moment are probably the most important when you clean your house, so if you are a person like me, I strongly suggest you use this time to practice focusing and being conscious of a present moment.



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