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How to keep your house Tidy always!

Keeping a tidy house helps maintain a clear mind?   It was never my thing to keep my house in order at all times.  I would clean it only when everything was already cluttering all the space and then I would spend a lot of time to put all the things back in their place. It was always rewarding afterwards and seeing my house in order always made me so much better. But soon, my kitchen top and dinning table would be filled with dishes again and clothes would be left anywhere, not to mention all other unusful stuff which would cover every free spot. Then one day, I finally decided to get into a mission to figure out how...

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What does it mean to Dream with a House?

What does it mean to dream about your house? Dreams are a reflection of who you are, how you feel and how you think at the particular moment. It can be confusing interpreting a dream, especially if you try to interpret it literally. Dreams are never to be taken literally, because they speak to us in symbols. One of the most common symbols in our dream is a house and it has a much deeper meaning than you might think at first. When dreaming about your house, it is not really about the house itself, but about you. It is a symbolical representation of your being in a physical reality. Because you take your house to be your home, it...

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